The Friends Date Network Affiliate Program is called Free Dating Cash ( and it is set to launch in early 2018. We are excited to share that our affiliate marketing system will focus on making it simple and easy for even novice webmasters to make money with their blogs, websites, and social media pages. Once you join the program which takes 1 minutes or less, our dating site affiliate program portal instantly displays direct affiliate urls for free dating sites across over 150 niches so you can rapidly deploy high conversion ratio offers. Promote across social media, your niche website, forums, wikis, social networks like Facebook, or virtually anywhere. Launches Soon!



Check back for updates. In the meantime here is how affiliate marketing works.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Friends Date Network Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing is merely advertising a business and being paid for doing so based on your results! The better you become the better your results and better results equals more income. It’s really that simple. Affiliate marketing has also historically often been referred to as performance marketing because those who perform are those who are rewarded. Likewise, the term partner marketing has also been used since you do become a freelance partner in our internet based marketing efforts.

Check out the following chart to get a better understanding of the affiliate marketing process:

It's very simple and straightforward.
It’s very simple and straightforward.

What are Affiliate Marketing Offers

In easy-to-understand and simple terms, offers in affiliate marketing relationships are merely links and advertising creatives. (Pictures basically or even merely links that have a code in the link to track who sent that referral) Generally speaking these are photos with embedded links or bare links that you will copy and paste. You will place these offers on your website(s), forums, wikis’, social media page of other people in the form of comments as well as on social media pages that you will create; as well as wherever you can find to place these links might attract attention and visitors. (Without of course spamming, which we do not allow. Oftentimes are partners like you will write blogs on a given topic and once they have enough good content the search engines will start to send traffic to their blogs and sites. Typically the content is written in such a way as to direct leads to the offer. (The offer or advertiser is us) Friends Date Network dating sites.

How do I get paid in affiliate marketing programs

Another acronym you will want to understand is CPA. CPA simply refers to COST-PER-ACTION. This is how you typically get paid in most affiliate programs. In our case, you can get paid in a variety of ways but the best and most common is cost per action.

In review…

In affiliate marketing programs the publisher (That is you) receives a commission from the advertiser (That is us) for being the source of a transaction. For example, when you place an advertising picture with an embedded link or simply a link on your site or on any site such as Facebook; where a visitor comes to any Friends Date Network dating site and joins the site, you earn a commission for that sale! It’s that simple.

How are sales tracked in affiliate marketing programs

When you complete the simple registration process and join our Friends Date Network, dating site affiliate program by using your unique username and password you simply log-in to our affiliate program, select the site(s) that you want to promote and then insert your custom tracking codes which appear next to all our dating sites. What is great about our affiliate program is the diversity we can offer by having pre-populated and active singles communities across more than 150 niches. The affiliate tracking system we use is also the most trusted software used by more leading dating site than any other software. This ensure our affiliate program is based on integrity and honesty.

How do I get started in Affiliate Marketing?

Due to the fact that our network is 100% Completely Free this is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY for affiliate marketers with the ability to push a large amount of traffic. The conversion ration is be unheard of in the online dating space across affiliate programs. Imagine 15% of your traffic making you money? Or even 25%? This is the sort of conversion ration our test sites are experiencing. This new free online dating affiliate program for 2018 will be an exciting opportunity to leverage your ability to drive traffic from social media platforms and make a considerable income over the long-term.  

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