Biker Dating Site
There are like 500 biker dating sites now but the fact is that most of these so-called biker singles communities are nothing more than copies of one another. Rarely do any of these biker dating sites have many active members and yet most of them will say or do just about anything to have you join and pay a monthly fee. IT’S CRAZY!

My name is Jason Lee and I too used to operate one of those so-called white label or clone biker dating sites. However after spending over 4 years researching online dating I realized the way to be successful with a biker dating site was to build my own custom site for single bikers and make sure it was free of fake profiles and all those absurd claims you read on biker dating sites.

I realized people merely want a sincere place to find like-minded people. That is what I kept in mind when I launched Biker Friends Date. It’s a rapidly growing community for single bikers that never charges anyone a dime.

You get everything we offer and you pay nothing. We make a tiny profit of ads and that’s all. It’s a fair business model that makes people share the site with their friends and we are proud of our real community for single bikers. REAL SINGLE BIKERS without the costs or absurd claims starts here…

Join Biker Friends Date here.