FDN User Experience Enhancements Set to Launch!

I will keep this short. We have been buried in lines of code for 4 months now working to make for a whole host of improvements to user experience. Our focus is bringing the best possible mobile user experience forward among all free mobile dating sites and we feel we are close to achieving this.

We have revamped the messaging system, redesigned the functionality of groups, made it easier to connect with locals by adding the MEET ME features, and added more search depth. This was phase 2 of user experience improvements. Look for the new version on Friends Date Network dating sites to arrive soon across all out 140+ niche dating sites.

In the meantime, via just word of mouth and search traffic more than 5,000 singles from across the United States, UK, Australia, and Canada have join the communities. This is a drop in the bucket compared to the growth we expect in 2016 once we start full-scale marketing. Remember to share the totally free mobile dating sites at Friends Date Network with you friends. We need your help building the next great dating site with REAL SINGLES that is REALLY FREE!

Ron Lee

Founder, Friends Date Network –  Dating Starts with Friends!

Most exciting, once our revenue stream starts up again we will restart our quarterly contributions to worthy charities.

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