FriendsDateNetwork Q1 Updates & Interview

Getting to know Free.Date / Friends Date Network

Welcome to the FriendsDateNetwork Q1 update.

FriendsDateNetwork Interview

This post will serve as a virtual interview for media purposes as Free.Date and Friends Date Network is now entering development phase 5 whereby we’ve started marketing most of our free dating communities on TV and via internet search advertising. During this phase our parent company FDN Media Inc. will release our first series of press releases. The information below is a reference post where blogs and news sites can get the latest about updates about the FriendsDateNetwork free online dating ecosystem. Accordingly we wanted to share some quotes and materials to draw from for writers and editorial staff across the industry to be able to share more about us.

QUESTION 1. Please give us some details about membership numbers and the sizes of your free dating sites.

ANSWER 1. Free.Date has around 400,000 (half million total users). It should be noted we do not exaggerate numbers like most of the online dating industry has a tendency to do. These users are spread across the United States, Europe, and the rest of the world. California, Texas, Florida and New York are currently the 4 most active states in the network for Free.Date.
QUESTION 2. Tell us more about the features and functions that Free.Date / FriendsDateNetwork sites offers and how they are different, exciting or unique. 
We always suggest that those wanting to share our sites at least try them out once if not over a weeks time to see exactly how they work. This is because the first hand experiences will be lacking if we just regurgitate a list of features. The person who has the chance to try and test our sites will be able to experience first hand that our dating site features and tools are designed in a very simple way to merely focus on reliable and easy communication between singles. Our goal isn’t to be the flashiest dating site or to sell really cool gimmicks but instead to give away access to our real free dating community that is focused around simple and easy to use communication tools. We believe in K.I.S.S.; Keep it simple silly. This is reflected in just sticking to simple and easy to use tools for people to talk with and visit other local singles online. 
Check out our introduction video:

We offer: Free messaging, featured profiles, a ‘Let’s Meet’ feature that auto suggests local matches, a groups chat forum, and the ability to like other profiles’ as well as the ability to report profiles. One of the most important aspects of Free.Date is our, ‘Free Dating Pledge’. We ask all members to read anda agree to the pledge. It’s important to understand that if you want a quality free dating site that you must truly lead by example and create a quality profile as your part of what you are asking for and expecting in a free dating site.
Free.Date one of the fastest growing free dating sites in the world.
QUESTION 3. How do you gauge your success? Where can people read Friends Date Network testimonials?
Some people have asked us why we do not offer on site testimonials and that is fair question so let me explain. We may in the future collect and publish testimonials but our focus is putting resources into user acquisition and features that lead to quality internet dating experiences. This question actually goes back to the core goals we had when we first decided to develop a totally free dating network. We also to be perfectly frank believe that 75% of the dating site testimonials online are fraudulent and that people do not trust these and so we have for the time  being avoided publishing testimonials altogether. 
QUESTION 4. Please expand on your mission statement and tell us what makes FriendsDateNetwork special
We believe that advertising is the great equalizer and that by serving ads we can deliver the same and in most cases better online dating than paid or premium sites. If you stop to think about it pay walls just limit the number of singles that register and use the sites. This is why free dating is growing at a much more rapid pace than premium dating sites. We firmly believe that totally free dating is the future of the industry. What you’re buying with paid dating is information and access, yet people give that same information out freely in exchange for free dating; which begs the question why would consumers pay for these types of services in the longer term as the industry matures.
QUESTION 5. What is just over the horizon for Free.Date or FriendsDateNetwork?
There are 3 super exciting initiatives for 2018 that I would like to point out.
1. Our affiliate program Free Dating Cash is set to officially launch March 15th 2018. Bloggers and website owners in literally thousands of niches will be able to add small links up their content that refer their readers to our interest based free dating communities and they be able to monetize their content better than ever because we pay for free joins and the sites are in fact truly free. 
The dating site affiliate program for Free.Date
EXAMPLE: Take for example an academic journal or blog that really does not want to be a part of referring readers to paid dating sites but can appreciate the value of a community where single teachers can meet free or no cost. In a case such as this our free teachers dating community can be excellent solution for generating revenue for that academic journal or blog and offsetting hosting costs . Likewise, an entertainment blog that maybe focused on sharing reality TV recaps can capitalize on sharing our dating that site for people who want to connect based on TV shows they enjoy; is that solution. The bottom line is it’s pretty rare you can get paid for sharing free websites and free dating sites are higher conversion as consumer resistance is of course much lower to joining a totally free dating service. We pay our publishing partners for free join referrals using our affiliate tracking codes. Therefore, while our affiliate individual sale payout maybe lower than paid dating sites, the conversion ratio is higher overall and publishers will in many cases make more from our offers than other offers because it’s sustainable and offers superior long-term value to users. You should really check out Free Dating Cash!
2. Also keep an eye out for our very own crypto-currency, the Online Dating Coin. This is a privacy coin that will unlock exclusive features for all free dating sites in the ecosystem. There are currently 120 totally free niche dating sites in Friends Date Network and these communities collectively grew by over 600% over the past year.  We are super excited about the level of privacy that Online Dating Coin will bring to users.
3. Lastly and perhaps what we are most excited about is our long-awaited free dating mobile app which is called Date City by Free.Date. This application enables users to search local singles faster than any other dating website on the web and do so WITHOUT EVEN REGISTERING. We’ve conquered becoming a successful free dating site and now we want to make it faster than ever for anyone anywhere in the world to access the real local singles databases we offer at Free.Date and first see if they even want to become a member. We think information is power and that by giving consumers everywhere total instant access to what we have to offer, right up front we can send the message loud and clear that we want to be their partner in dating. We expect that in coming years Date City App will be a very popular free dating app.