How to Delete Your Profile or Remove Profile From Specific Sites

Below are detailed instructions on how to both delete your profile from and all friends date network dating sites as well as directions on how you can choose to delete your information (profile) from just the sites in the network you don’t want your profile to appear on.

How to Delete Your Profile on Free.Date

As we have said before, transparency in how we run our free personals website and ensuring your privacy are super important to us as outlined in our terms of service. Our goal is to always maintain a community of people who are truly looking to meet other local singles and so it makes no sense for us to make it difficult for you to remove your profile. Just the contrary, we have always believed that making it super simple for singles to delete their dating profile should be the cornerstone of any dating site; free or not. It’s your right to control your data and who sees it. We take that fact very serious.

PLEASE TAKE 2 minutes to watch the video below. This video covers both how you can decide for yourself which dating sites your profile will appear. We explain in detail how you can remove your profile from appearing on any dating site within our free online dating network and how you can keep your profile active within only the free singles communities you want on Friends Date Network. Friends Date Network is a collective of totally free dating sites covering major lifestyles and interests.

Instructions of Removing Your Data and Profile from any Friends Date Network site

In this video you will learn how you can remove your profile from appearing within any of our dating network sites instantly; while keeping your profile active on the dating sites you want to still be a part of. Updated: Both topics are covered in the 1 video below.


Directions to Delete Profile on Free.Date or other Free Dating Sites which are part of Friends Date Network

In this video you will learn how to delete your profile from (or any FDN Media Inc / Friends Date Network dating sites).

This is how you delete your profile from and the same process would apply regardless of which singles community you joined. Therefore just login at the dating site you joined at and follow the same process as our example video.