Friends Date Network® is Proud of our Charitable Contributions

We journal  contributions here. We are a FOR PROFIT company. This is a small sample of some of the 20 plus charitable organizations that we have 1 time contributions to.


  • Friends of the Children

    Friends of Children in Portland Oregon is a highly respected organization with a 20 year track record helping at-risk children in the Portland Oregon Area. This organization targets at risk children from the time they are in grade school and provides intensive mentoring to break the cycle of poverty and abuse. Friends of the Children currently has 42 Friends working with over 350 children.

Call for donations – Want to make a bigger impact? Visit Friends of Children today and make a donation at their website:



  • Disability Rights Advocates

Disability Rights Advocates is renowned for its successful legal challenges that have resulted in positive and dramatic changes in the lives of people with disabilities, their friends and families. DRA is a national legal center with offices in Berkeley, California and New York City.

Call for donations – Want to make a bigger impact?  Visit Disability Rights Advocates and make a donation at their website:



  • Children’s Cancer Association

Children’s Cancer Association of Portland is good financial steward of charitable contributions with very high ratings. The work of CCA benefits children who are affected by Cancer.

Call for donations – Want to make a bigger impact? Visit the CCA official website here to make a donation:



  • Doctors without Borders 

Doctors without Borders comes to the aid of people in nearly 70 countries. We are proud to have been able to make a small contribution on behalf of our growing membership base. You can make a impact by donating on their official website located here.



  • Gay Men’s Health Crisis

GMHC Fights to end the AIDS epidemic and uplift the lives of all affected. We’re pleased to do a little something to help this great organization in their valuable work.

Want to make a bigger impact? Visit the GMHC official website to make a donation:

  • Human Development Foundation (Mercy Centre)

Father Joe Maier leads a Catholic mission which provides a widely successful orphanage and shelter aimed at fighting child trafficking and providing legal aid to those in extreme poverty. Incredible work that has had amazing impact. Visit the Mercy Centre website to make a donation.

PLEASE NOTE: For transparency we’ve started to include transactions ID’s effective this quarter – Transaction ID #: 07A20669SK182951G



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Disclosures: Friends Date Network has no association with any of the charities listed above beside our donations to these great causes. We are not ongoing sponsors. 1 time donations as outlined above are made on behalf of members of all sites.